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About us

Gestock was founded in 1992 to offer Logistics, Tax, Billing, Management, Financial, and Outsourcing services for companies of different segments.


Gestock provides to Companies its Excellence in Services provided with High Quality, Qualification and wide experience, Customized Innovating solutions, the best services according to the company need through critical and analytical analyses so that to have constant improvements in processes.


We work with several ERP management systems: WMS, SAP, Baan, Oracle, Totys, among others. Gestock has a specialized team trained to carry out the activities and in order to ensure the continuous improvement of the quality of services, we perform audits and follow-ups in managing people and processes in an environment favorable and productive to the client.


As a service supplier and specialized professionals in Logistics, Tax, Billing, Management, Finance and Outsourcing, Gestock offers a complete line of solutions to make sure that our customers products and services are at the right place at the right time with the least added cost.


Our services are offered through a fixed and/or flexible monthly contract which can be assessed through Key Performance Indicators (KPI), adaptaed and applied according to customer needs.






Daily collaboration with its customers by presenting innovating solutions and providing competitive advantages through processes automation which result in cost reduction, productivity increase so that to reach the customer satisfaction.


We are committed to providing high quality services and focusing transparency in the relationship, valuing the human capital and gaining the mutual trust and respect of its customers which result in an efficient and successful partnership.

Quality of Service

In order to carry out the services, GESTOCK relies on experienced professionals and a skilled staff which has always updated market standards.


Providing Logistics, Management and Tax services with a top level of professionalism and dedication.


Working in a diversified way so that to seek integrated solutions in Logistics and meet the customers specific needs.


Working in a diversified way and with transparency, thus Gestock should be collaborating with its customer development and success.

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