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Human resources

Gestock provides Human Resources solutions by using updated tools which ensure readiness and flexibility in the recruitment and selection process where we apply modern training, qualification and recycling methods to collaborators focusing on safety (MOS – Manual of Safety Guideline).


Our methodology consists on Management, Recruitment, Selection and Professional Appraisal system.


Gestock uses RHGest system which manages the whole selection and recruitment process as from the candidate need and profile in order to meet the customer specifications and requirements by analyzing the technical profile and skills of each professional through practical and theoretical tests as well as a follow-up of the professional career ladder. Through the continuous growth, we have always been seeking new talents, collaborators who are capable to make part of our Group.


There is a huge variety of job opportunities in Gestock with vacancies in all areas of the company. We have a data base of professionals recorded in our system who are qualified and assessed and this data base is always updated by Gestock Consultants.


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