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GESTOCK aims at being your partner in this challenge by offering Excellence in rendering services in logistics area carried out by a skilled and qualified team


GESTOCK offers several logistics standards to companies that need immediate solutions for a good  performance and practical results.


Our work consists of organizing and moving products within the supply chain with efficacy, reduced cost and high standard of Excellence required by the market.


We add value to product we store by configuring and assembling products and kits upon request to meet our customers specific needs.


We work to meet our customers needs and offer tools to exceed their expectations;

With a wide experience in Outsourcing logistics services, we have the complete solution for our customers where we offer the best systems, moving equipment, space and qualified labor.


We highlight below some of our services:


  • Managing the supply chain: Planning, programming, and monitoring the product flow;
  • Inbound: Receiving, managing and controlling items received from suppliers and customers;
  • Storage and moving of materials and control of inventory;
  • Outbound: Materials shipping, control and tracking the shipped items and the ones delivered at destination;
  • Nationalization of imported products: Imported items that need nationalization and the importer identification;
  • Cyclic Count, or rotating: it is important to maintain counting accuracy of the company with excellence.
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator): The KPIs aim at assessing and measuring the performance level and processes of the sector or company; and
  • Other activities of the area according to customer need and demand.



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