Integrated Solutions in Logisitics

Excellence in Logistics services


We manage the whole logistic process, create strategies and a customized organization for each customer and its respective needs.


GESTOCK has a specialized and skilled team ready to carry out logistics management activities and it also has auditors who provide supports to logistics, tax and management areas.


If your company needs an efficient solution that meets your needs, please consult our representatives.


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With a wide experience in internal logistics, GESTOCK develops integrated solutions in moving, storage processes, etc.


Knowing about the Market instability, the companies need a reliable support to carry out the operating tasks.


GESTOCK Group aims at being your partner in this challenge by offering professional services for carrying out these activities

Management and Finances

Aiming at a constatnt improvement in productive activities, GESTOCK Group focus on training its staff.


We can be your partner in outsourcing; we render services of excellence through a qualified and skilled team.

GESTOCK offers several logistics models to companies that need immediate solutions of performance and practical results.

Those services include:

  • Supply chain management: Planning, programming, coordinating and the product flow;
  • Storage, material moving, and inventory control; Receiving, storing, managing and controlling the customers stock;
  • We work to meet our customers needs and offer tools to go beyond their expectations;
  • We add value to product we store by configuring and assembling products and kits upon request to meet our customers specific needs.

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Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento

Research and Development




Food Industry

Sobre a Gestock

About the Gestock

Fachada do Prédio onde localiza-se um dos escritórios da Gestock em Campinas – SP

Front of the building where one of Gestock offices is located in Campinas-SP

Gestock was founded in 1992 to offer Logistics, Tax, Management and Outsourced Services to companies of several segments.


Gestock provides Excellence in Logisitics Services, its skills and wide experience in innovating solutions for the whole supply chain according to each customer need.


We offer integrated solutions to ou of supply chain, designed and customized to reach the best flexibility, promptness and practicality to the customer.





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Recursos Humanos

Human Resources

The continuous growth in Gestock means that we are always searching new talents, collaborators who may make part of our Group. There is a wide diversity of employment opportunities in Gestock in all areas.


Our methodology consists of:


Management System;

Recruitment and Selection;

Performance Appraisal System.




To become competitve in the globalized world and establish a growing Market, the current tendency in big companies is outsourcing its services, reducing its fixed costs and making efforts in what they know to do.


– Reducing costs;

– Focusing on the company business;

– Optimizing time;

– Improving the service quality and productivity;

– Transforming the fixed cost into variable cost;

– Readiness and flexibility in Selection and Recruitment (Hiring employees)

– Reducing the headcount.

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